Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision

I personally do not condone the fact that this President is trying to undermine our nation’s democratic process, which is our democracy. Our democracy is valuable and it’s the important meaning of what America truly is — we are a democracy; not a monarchy. Donald Trump doesn’t want to accept the reality that he lost an election as he calls it by a landslide. Joe Biden will be the next President in Jan. 20th and taking it to the court wasn’t going to stop that — so what’s the point in spending money or folks donating to your legal fund, when in essence there is no proof of voter fraud or a rigged election.

All these lawsuits, these cases, and irrelevant talks on voter-fraud has all have to come to an end — Trump’s upset that he lost this election and at this point it must end sooner or later. This is embarrassing. We must let democracy take it’s course and allow a peaceful transfer of power to the Biden-Harris Administration, on Jan 20th. Because there is no need for us not to move forward as a country and as a nation.

We must let our “democracy” win against fear, lies, and hate.

“The American people have spoken-and their voices have been heard. The Supreme Court rejects Trump’s attempts to overturn the presidential election. Reject. Reject. Reject. And there’s not a thing — that Donald Trump and his allies can do about it.” — LaDarion K. Jones




Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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