Statement on the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Together we mourn the loss of a legend, who fought for women’s rights and who was a trailblazer of our democracy. She was the nation’s hope. The passing of Justice Ginsburg is such a heartbreaking loss to our nation. Let us never forget the legacy she left behind. Together let us continue to remember her legacy and how she fought for women’s rights.

Let us remember the good things she has done for our country, forget about the past — let us remember what she did for us — instead of her death. Let us remember her for her great work on the Supreme Court.

And let us never forget the legacy of this phenomenal woman, who left such an impact — -as our nation mourns her loss, we must not ever forget her and what she did for our country.




Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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