Statement on the Electoral College Vote

This is what a democratic system looks like. In a nation that is a democracy, will clearly represent the voice of Americans. Over 81 million Americans have spoken, and those Americans — are seeking change and decency into the White House — it’s been long overdue.

And I urge my Republican friends to let our democracy take it’s course, because our democracy matters. We must let our democratic system work this thing out — and we must work together with one another and move this nation forward for the next President, and all I’m asking from President Trump is a “peaceful, civil” transfer of power.

The lawsuits, the insults and the lies concerning our democracy has got to come to an end, we have to work with one another in a bipartisan manner and we must be able to get along with one another and represent the American people. Our democracy still stands against the insults, the lies and the lawsuits — and we must bring it to an end, because our democratic system; our democracy will always work.

President-elect Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. And Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be the next Vice President of the United States on Jan. 20th.

The people have spoken.




Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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