Statement on Judge Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Personally, we are beginning to break barriers like none of us would’ve ever imagined. The Supreme Court is one of the most life-longest jobs you could ever ask for — me personally as someone who wants to be a future Attorney seeing this as a young black male — really is inspiring.

Throughout the baseless attacks from the Republican Party, the sexist and racial comments: She stood her ground-and I applaud her for that. As an advocate for voting/civil rights, this will make a huge impact for all of us, this will give us black/brown communities hope.

Once again, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Judge Jackson will be an incredible nominee for the court, her nomination will be trailblazer for not just young black men and boys, but extremely for young black girls and women who want to be Attorney’s. I, myself, am inspired. Not because of just the nomination — but because she is breaking barriers for all of us.

We are all inspired by the historic nature by this nomination. Let’s confirm and affirm this nomination, Judge Jackson, you have my support.

Tell all your Senators, to confirm #JudgeJackson, to the Supreme Court — she deserves to be our next Justice.




Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Leader LaDarion K. Jones

Christian. Texan, Visionary, Politician, Preacher. Activist. #LaDarionForThePeople, He/him.

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